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A global leader in the design and manufacture of speciality sensors for tunnel atmosphere monitoring.

Popular Tunnel Sensors

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The VICONOX provides a total monitoring solution for the measurement of NO2, NO, CO, visibility and temperature within traffic tunnels.

Airflow MkII

Airflow MkII

The AIRFLOW MkII is a robust, single point monitor designed to measure air velocity (and temperature when specified) within a tunnel environment.



The CROSSFLOW provides an open path cross bore solution for measuring air velocity and direction in a tunnel.

Acoem Tunnel Sensors - A network
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Acoem Tunnel Sensors is a global leader in the design and manufacture of speciality sensors for tunnel atmosphere monitoring. We design and manufacture our own analysers specifically for pollution monitoring in the traffic tunnel environment.

We bring fresh ideas and technology to a sector that has traditionally used systems adapted from exhaust stack and chimney monitors. Our analysers are designed to be combined in a modular fashion, offering the flexibility to create monitoring systems specifically adapted to the requirements of individual tunnels. Because tunnels throughout the world have diverse requirements for data presentation, our systems also offer a flexible output and communication system that allows seamless integration with any existing tunnel system or bus.

Acoem Tunnel Sensors instruments are installed in more than 30 countries worldwide with references in:

Asia | Europe | Middle East | Americas | Oceania | Africa

Latest news

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New Acoem Tunnel Sensors Brochure

The new ACOEM Tunnel Sensors Solution Snapshot brochure is now available to download. Our new brochure has been created to support ACOEM Tunnel Sensors’  range of tunnel lighting, airflow and air quality monitors. It provides information about the company, its products and applications. Please click the link below to download your copy. ACOEM Tunnel Sensors…

Acoem Tunnel Sensors Exhibiting in Graz Austria – 9th & 10th May.

Acoem will be exhibiting its range of Tunnel Sensors at this year’s Tunnel Safety and Ventilation Conference in Graz, Austria on the 9th and 10th of May. https://www.tunnel-graz.at/ Johann Loesl  (Acoem GmbH) and Colin Edge (Acoem Tunnel Sensors) will be available during the 2 day event to discuss our product range and how we can help…


Today we are announcing that Paul Jones has stepped down as managing director of Dynoptic Systems Ltd. Paul had successfully led the business for over 25 years and had been instrumental in establishing and growing the Tunnel Sensors division of Dynoptic, culminating in the acquisition of Dynoptic & Tunnel Sensors by the Acoem group in…
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