Tunnel sensor TSCU-R

Tunnel Sensors – Communication and Control systems

Road traffic tunnels are inhospitable places, when traffic is flowing they are dangerous environments for anyone working in the tunnel bore. With tunnel atmosphere monitors installed high up on the tunnel wall access to the systems is nearly always restricted to planned closures.

All Tunnel Sensors monitors have a comprehensive range of output and communication options including digital relays, current outputs and RS485 Modbus RTU. However, in many applications there is a requirement for multiple instruments to interface with the tunnel through a common control unit.

It is for this reason that Tunnel Sensors offer their TSCU-R (Tunnel Sensors Control Unit-Rugged). The TSCU-R can connect and communicate with up to eight compatible instruments presenting the gathered data to the tunnel SCADA or ventilation system.

The TSCU-R can be mounted in the tunnel bore itself, but at a level and location that is more easily accessible so operators can gain access to it more readily. An external USB connection allows operators to directly connect a laptop PC (running the supplied Utility software) to the TSCU-R, which then allows the operator to interrogate and control not only the TSCU-R itself, but also any connected instrument. This “walk up comms” feature is of great benefit during installation, commissioning and ongoing instrument servicing.

The Tunnel Sensors CTU (Combined Terminal Unit) is a rugged junction box / power supply that can be installed locally at each measurement point.  The CTU is fully customisable with a wide range of terminal packs available, including OVP modules.

Example installation showing 6 tunnel monitors connected to 1 TSCU-R. With the CTU providing local monitor 24Vdc power and termination.

Example installation showing 6 tunnel monitors connected to 3 TSCU-R’s. In this example the TSCU-R is providing 24Vdc power to the monitors directly – removing the need for separate power supplies and junction boxes.


The flexibility of the TSCU-R and CTU offer almost limitless system configurations which can be specified to suit individual applications and customer requirements. If you would like to explore the possibility of using our advanced communication systems for your next tunnel project please contact us directly.

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