Lumios D

New LUMIOS-D, 24Vdc Photometer

Acoem Tunnel Sensors are pleased to announce the expansion of the LUMIOS photometer product range with the addition of a 24vDC powered monitor, the LUMIOS-D. 

The new LUMIOS-D monitor provides the same core functions as the standard AC powered LUMIOS-Mklll photometer which is to measure the level of luminance, or brightness, at the tunnel entrance and exit portals. Providing luminance data to the tunnel’s lighting control systems. 

Power Supply
The new LUMIOS-D features a 24Vdc power supply, as a result of this change the monitor can now operate in ambient temperatures up to +70ºC. This is an increase of 20ºC above the maximum operating temperature of our standard AC powered LUMIOSI. 

Unlike the AC powered LUMIOS which uses solid state relays, the LUMIOS-D is equipped with four electromechanical relays. The electromechanical relays are designed to switch DC voltages between 0-30Vdc. The maximum current rating is 3A, however there is no minimum load current required for switching. The electromechanical relays are intended to switch an input signal to a PLC or SCADA system.

Viewing Angles and Accessories
The LUMIOS-D is available with multiple viewing angles, customisable between 10º and 40º with the standard monitor angle of 20º to meet the CIE approved measurement of L20. The monitor remains fully compatible with the existing optional accessories such as mounting brackets and washer systems. 

Please contact us directly if you would like more information about the LUMIOS-D or any of our other monitors or accessories for your next tunnel project.

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