LUMIOS-IT — Acoem’s in-tunnel photometer

We’re very pleased to release a new variant of our popular LUMIOS tunnel photometer, the LUMIOS-IT.
The LUMIOS-IT has been designed to provide accurate and reliable luminance measurements within the tunnel bore. The monitor’s viewing angle is present to 20° and the user configurable, industry standard outputs are suitable for both the Threshold and Interior zones within a road tunnel. This means one monitor is suitable for either location making purchasing and installation simple.

Typically, in-tunnel luminance levels are as follows

  • Threshold zone  10 – 500 cd/m2
  • Interior zone  1 – 10 cd/m2

The luminance measurement range of the LUMIOS-IT can be scaled  from 0 – 1 cd/m2 up to 0 – 1,000 cd/m2.
The complete electronic system is contained within a water-proof, heated housing made from powder coated stainless steel with an IP66 protection rating, optional accessories including a range mounting brackets are available to complete the installation.

For more information please email or call our office on +44 (0)1280 850521

Download the LUMIOS-IT Datasheet here

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