Acoem Tunnel Sensors CTU-L

Introducing the new CTU-L from Acoem Tunnel Sensors 

Following the success of the CTU and with helpful feedback from our customers, the Combined Termination Unit – Large (CTU-L) is now available to order. 

The Acoem Tunnel Sensors CTU-L is a rugged electrical termination unit, designed for wall mounted installation alongside compatible Tunnel Sensors instruments, such as VICONOX, AIRFLOW-MKII and CROSSFLOW

Compared to the existing CTU, the CTU-L’s enclosure is physically larger, and includes a fixed number of PCB mounted, two-part terminals. There is more internal space to accommodate a higher density of cabling and longer wires to allow connection of either one or two monitors. This can be beneficial in applications involving a high number of analogue and digital outputs along with RS485 communication , or when one termination unit serves two monitors. The CTU-L can be ordered with an optional mains power supply, with a sufficient rating to power up to two compatible monitors.

The CTU-L is available in four configurations as shown below, with terminal blocks and individual connections all clearly marked to reduce the scope for wiring error.

  • The CTU-L1 single monitor connections – no power supply
  • The CTU-L2 dual monitor connections – no power supply
  • The CTU-L1-P single monitor connections – with 24Vdc power supply
  • The CTU-L2-P dual monitor connections – with 24Vdc power supply

Please contact us directly if you would like more information about the CTU-L or any of our other monitors or accessories for your next tunnel project.

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