Tunnel Sensors Viconox calibration

In tunnel calibration made easy – no gas bottles required.

ACOEM Tunnel Sensors’ VICONOX range of tunnel atmosphere monitors have been designed with easy calibration in mind for both visibility and gas measurements. The systems have been developed to remove the requirement for toxic gas bottles and flow through cells to be taken into the tunnel.

Tunnel operators are able to check (and if necessary adjust) the calibration of the visibility and gas readings using calibrated and certified gas check cells and filters. Designed to fit over the VICONOX’ sight tube, attaching the reusable check cell and filters takes seconds. With the filter or check cell in place, the monitor reacts to the gas and the reduction in light. The Tunnel Sensors utility software responds in real time, allowing the operator to quickly and safely check and manage the performance of the monitor.

 CO and NO calibration check cells.                                                Opacity and NO2 filters and filter holder


VICONOX with gas check cell installed on sight tube.


We recommend that gas check cells are returned to Tunnel Sensors annually for a calibration and where necessary a gas refill. We’re able to provide a calibration certificate for each check cell and filter we supply. This provides full tractability and peace of mind that the readings from the VICONOX tunnel atmosphere monitors are accurate, and can be relied upon for the safe and efficient operation of the tunnel’s ventilation system.

For more information about our calibration tools and our wider product range please visit our website or contact graham.jennings@acoem.com

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