ACOEM Tunnel Sensors WestConnext M8 Tunnel

Sydney’s new M8 motorway opens with ACOEM Tunnel Sensors installed

ACOEM Tunnel Sensors in partnership with ACOEM Ecotech in Australia have supplied a large network of Tunnel Sensors’ VICONOX and CROSSFLOW monitors in Sydney’s new WestConnex M8 motorway tunnels. The new 9-kilometre twin underground motorway tunnels run from the end of the M5 Motorway at Kingsgrove, to St Peters Interchange in Sydney’s South. The M8 motorway will cut commuting times and reduce congestion above ground, giving more efficient travel options to Sydney drivers.

Tunnel Sensors’ VICONOX tunnel atmosphere monitor was selected to measure and report visibility, CO, and NO2. The CROSSFLOW air flow monitor provides cross tunnel bore air speed and direction information. A number of TSCU-R control units were also installed to provide remote monitor access and easy integration into the tunnel’s SCADA system. The data the monitors provide help to run the tunnel’s ventilation systems as efficiently and safely as possible. 

The WestConnex M8 is the first tunnel project in Australia that incorporates ACOEM air quality monitoring hardware for all three regulatory components – in-tunnel air quality sensors supplied by ACOEM Tunnel Sensors, and ambient and ventilation outlet monitoring stations by ACOEM Ecotech. In addition, ACOEM Ecotech has also been contracted to provide ongoing maintenance and data validation for air quality monitoring on behalf of WestConnex | Transurban who is responsible for owning and operating the asset during its concession.

This is the first time that a road tunnel project has exclusively integrated ACOEM’s Ecotech and Tunnel Sensors equipment together to create a seamless solution for all aspects of air quality monitoring from initial planning, through construction phase and testing all the way to operations and maintenance contracts,” commented Michael Preston, Strategic Business Development Manager, ACOEM Ecotech. 

As part of the ACOEM Group with over 750 employees across the world, Tunnel Sensors have a truly global presence with local offices and authorized distributors capable of providing ongoing sales and long term technical support.

For more information about ACOEM Tunnel Sensors’ road tunnel air quality monitoring solutions please contact or visit our website for more information.

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