TSL Ambient

Many industrial and construction related industries, such as road, rail, shipping, aviation, mining and quarrying, all have the potential to be significant sources of pollutant including dust, particulates and gases.

Monitoring and management of such pollutants is important in ensuring that the environment is properly protected and that ambient air quality is maintained for our health and well-being.

Continuing the Company’s strong tradition in developing new and innovative products, Tunnel Sensors is developing a new range of sensors specifically designed for use within ambient environments.

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Pierre Longtin
Nyx Hemera Technologies, Canada

Tunnel Sensors


The VIPA-L is a long path visibility monitor designed for use in ambient environments such as road, rail or other industrial applications.


The ILLIOS measures illuminance inside the tunnel bore to affect safe lighting conditions for drivers.


The LUMIOS MkIII measures the level luminance, or brightness, at tunnel portals to ensure that the visual perception of drivers is maintained, both day and night.