VIPA-L Tunnel Sensors

The VIPA-L Long Path Visibility Monitor makes a visible opacity measurement to determine the average visibility along the sight path of the instrument, within an ambient environment such as road, rail, meteorological or other industrial application. These measurements can be used as part of an air quality management system.


  • Designed for in-situ monitoring of ambient environments
  • Visibility measurement using the widely accepted single pass light transmission opacity technique, over a path length of up to 20m
  • User selected unit display options of Opacity (%), Extinction Coefficient (k), Meteorological Optical Range (MOR) or Transmission
  • Low detection limits for dust and particulate
  • Integrated temperature and humidity monitoring
  • Intelligent analyser with optional TSCU operator interface


  • Rugged design to withstand ambient and atmospheric weather conditions
  • IP65 / NEMA 4X rated external enclosure supplied with quick release site tubes and integrated mounting brackets
  • Plug and socket cable connection enabling simple installation
  • No moving parts and low maintenance requirements
  • Choice of interface options enabling easy integration into any data monitoring or control system


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Tunnel Sensors



The VIPA-L is a long path visibility monitor designed for use in ambient environments such as road, rail or other industrial applications.


The ILLIOS measures illuminance inside the tunnel bore to affect safe lighting conditions for drivers.


The LUMIOS MkIII measures the level luminance, or brightness, at tunnel portals to ensure that the visual perception of drivers is maintained, both day and night.