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Tunnel Sensors is a leading specialist in the design and manufacture of advanced technology instrumentation for tunnel atmosphere monitoring.

Our mission is to provide systems that enable operators to run their tunnels at financially efficient levels whilst protecting tunnel users from the irritating effects of traffic pollution.

Tunnel Sensors manufactures our own range of air pollution sensors and analysers designed specifically for use in the tunnel environment. We offer a complete range of tunnel air monitoring sensors for measuring visibility and dust, CO, NO, NO2, air speed & direction as well as tunnel luminance and illuminance; all designed to meet the demands of the harsh environmental conditions.

All Tunnel Sensors products are designed, assembled and tested at our premises in Northamptonshire, UK and we are committed to maintaining a multidiscipline engineering team capable of supporting our Customer’s needs.

With in-house manufacturing, assembly, software design and R&D capabilities, the team has responsibility for all activities from design conception to final product. As a Company with a firm foundation in electronic engineering, we have a flair for research and a track record of turning that research into powerful, marketable products.

In this way we always retain the option to offer customised solutions to meet any specific customer requirements.

Furthermore, as an ISO9001/2008 accredited company our quality management system is continuously assessed for all elements of manufacture, supply, service and repair.

Tunnel Sensors offers:

  • In-house Surface Mount manufacturing and assembly facilities
  • Dedicated in-house software development team
  • Office based technical team who are available to assist directly with technical queries, system planning and general advice
  • Research facilities for product development for customer specific projects and / or prototype instruments
  • A team of service engineers available worldwide to assist with installation, commissioning, calibration and routine maintenance and service calls
  • A network of distributors worldwide so sales visits and surveys can be carried out by local dealers who are fully trained to offer information and advice on our products

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Our business only uses companies that are proven market leaders because our clients require the best, and Tunnel Sensors delivers the accuracy and the reliability that we need every time.

Greg Love
Control Equipment Pty Ltd., Australia

Tunnel Sensors


The ECOM is a compact electrochemical gas
sensor suitable for continuous monitoring of CO
within ambient environments.


The ENOX is a compact electrochemical gas
sensor suitable for continuous monitoring of NO2
within ambient environments.


The AIRFLOW offers a rugged, non-contact solution for the universal requirement to monitor air velocity and direction in the tunnel.