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Tunnel Sensors supplies the King Abdullah Road Project

Sat 5 May 2012

Tunnel Sensors was selected as the supplier for the environmental monitoring equipment for the King Abdullah Road project, which included installation of our NOVICOM Combined NO, CO and Visibility Monitor, AIRFLOW Air Speed and Direction Monitor and VIPA Visibility Monitor. … More

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We have developed a good working relationship and received excellent service throughout the installation and commissioning period. Since then, the instruments have performed very well.

Clive Dyche A.C.M.I.
Medway Tunnels, UK

Tunnel Sensors


The LUMIOS MkIII measures the level luminance, or brightness, at tunnel portals to ensure that the visual perception of drivers is maintained, both day and night.


The AIRFLOW offers a rugged, non-contact solution for the universal requirement to monitor air velocity and direction in the tunnel.


The VICONOX provides a total monitoring solution
for the measurement of NO2, NO, CO, visibility
and temperature within traffic tunnels.